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Early Google EMEA employee working out of London, Moscow, San Francisco & New York
  • Founding member of the Google Russia Marketing team, reduced the competitive gap with local search leader, Yandex, by a third – and increased brand awareness by 18 points
  • Led EMEA efforts for the global Google Chrome launch which received the Google Founders’ Award
First senior hire post Series A
  • Defined the internationalisation approach & market prioritisation
  • Established the digital marketing & product organisations
Leading digital transformation across markets
  • Launched in 5 markets the American Express Digital Offers Marketplace (UK, AUS, CA, FR, JP, MX)
  • Received the Amex Blue Rewards Award
Founding consultant to the Mentoring Women in Business programme
  • Supported the development of the mentoring platform & programme
  • Post launch member of the Steering Committee to facilitate and oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of the mentoring programme

About our founder, Maya

Maya is a multicultural & multilingual chief marketing officer.

She has over 15 years experience in the tech and D2C industries, in businesses ranging from start-ups to corporates in the UK, France, Russia and the USA.

Maya started Marketing Cube to bring her experience and passion for the world of tech to the wide group of founders.

She prefers to let her clients do the talking: they appreciate her “clarity of thought”, “speed of execution”, “straight talking”, “natural leadership”, “positive energy” – and, of course, her “equally big heart”.

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